TasTAFE, Clarence

Flagstaff Gully Road

Site Directions

IMPORTANT: Please take these instructions with you. People often become lost.

  • Driving from the western shore, turn left at the roundabout (just after Eastlands turnoff) into Cambridge Road.
  • Travel for 1.4km and look for Dampier St on the left. There is a signpost for the Clarence Polytechnic and Skills Institute on the left just before Dampier St.
  • Turn left into Dampier St, go straight through the roundabout at Bligh St, cross the bridge over the highway and take the first turn right after the bridge. You will only travel a very short distance down this street.
  • Turn left at the intersection and proceed up the hill over two speed humps.

For directions to the room on site (where applicable), please click on the venue in the “Where” column of the “Sessions” table below.