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Animals in Art

Course description Animals and people have meant everything in art. From delivering messengers from Ancient Kings, leaping out of comic book stories, parading at the Royal Show and settling into cuddly bed time stories alongside the family pet. Come and learn to draw and paint the animals we share with this world in pencil and paint. You can choose to do a pet portrait, or wildlife and bird paintings – you will paint the animals like you never thought you could with wildlife artist... [More]
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Drawing Portraits

Course description Achieve a good likeness in pastel portraits. Structured exercises from life model (1 sessions). Suitable for beginners and continuing students. Drawing is a basic craft that is incorporated in nearly all art practices. From the first creative thought, a doodle..., making a mark is one of our first responses to a creative project whatever it may be. Drawing is the fundamental skill of art practice and through the eight week course of drawing realistically you will... [More]
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Life Drawing

Course description Historically life drawing has been considered an essential part of an artist’s education, no matter what their preferred style or medium. Why wouldn’t a nice arrangement of fruit and porcelain do as well? Because a live model can adopt a wide range of different poses, each presenting a different series of problems. And why nude? Because it is much easier to draw a body unencumbered or obscured by bulky or distracting clothing. Tackling the problems encountered in... [More]