Summer Kick Start Italian - Beginners Plus

Course Description

Would you like to invest some of your summer in a brief but intensive Italian immersion learning experience?

Speak Italian, hear Italian, live Italian even click over to think Italian?

Learn so quickly you are stimulated to learn even faster?

Do you have a smattering of Italian vocabulary and grammar and enjoy learning in a safe, fun and engaging environment?

Then Summer Kick Start Italian – Beginners Plus course is for you!

Textbook purchase required – please see ‘What To Bring’ and 'Important Information'

There are further modules throughout the Term for your continuation in this Italian course -
Italian Beginners Plus C – Sempre Avanti!
Italian Beginners Plus D – Primi Passi!

What your course will cover

  • Review of Italian spelling and pronunciation rules
  • Furthering of knowledge of italian culture, through video and textbook material, as well as the opportunity to interact with Italians in Italy through Skype and WhatsApp.


  • Review spelling and pronunciation
  • Revision of introductions – introducing yourself, family and friends
  • Giving and asking dates and times, days of the week, seasons, and months of the year
  • Talking about the weather
  • Booking a room in a hotel
  • Making air travel and accomodation plans and booking an airline ticket, incorporating a conversation with a real tour guide in Italy.
  • Ordering in bar and restaurant,
  • Asking and giving directions
  • Shopping for clothes and bargaining in street market
  • Describing your extended family
  • Expressions on the telephone

Language ‘hacks’ (language learning tips)

  • Further study of cognates, and practice at recognising them
  • Deducing meaning from context
  • Revision of Using visual markers; signpost words; connector words to deduce meaning
  • Review of Italian sign language, and cultural indications
  • the rephrasing technique for talking your way through complicated sentences
  • use your hidden moments to get Italian immersion for the long term.

You will learn the following grammar and vocab:

  • Ordinal numbers, decimal notation.
  • Clothing lexis and shopping terminology
  • Present and simple past tense, the conditional form of selected verbs
  • Imperative
  • Getting to know you vocabulary
  • Revision of Articles – prepositions and articulated prepositions

What you can hope to achieve

  • Make accelerated progress and maximise retention of new functions and vocabulary through the full immmersion character of this intensive course
  • Be able to enrol in the regular Italian timetable already at Beginner’s C level
  • Make small talk and simple conversations in Italian
  • Be able to send e-mails and whatsapp messages
  • Be able to use italian decimal notation
  • Learn a little more about Italian culture
  • Gain more confidence in using and producing 'travel functions'

What to bring

  • Textbook purchase – Facilissimo : corso rapido di lingua italiana: Libro + CD Audio. Mixed Media Product. Publisher: Alma Edizioni (June 2014) ISBN: 9788861823297 (available through many online sources. Please contact Adult Education or your tutor for suggestions)
  • Pen and notebook for work done in class.
  • A folder for some work and handouts
  • Please bring a packed lunch and snacks as well as a drink for the longer days (a cooler bag would be useful if you have one)

Important information

  • Most language classes fill up quickly. However, your class could be cancelled if not enough people enrol. If you are concerned about buying a book that may be of no use to you then please check the viability of your class with adult education before purchasing your text.

Please note that children must not attend this class unless it is a specified parent/child activity.

Disability and special needs

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